What’s so important about recreational adult performance dance?

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We tend to associate formal performance dance training with children or professional adults. But each year, more and more adults are falling in love with performance dance training as a hobby and a lifestyle. However, many adult dancers are…
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Arts Everywhere: Episode Fifteen

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Decoding the Complexities of Arts Funding with Jeremy Morgan With a wealth of experience under his belt, this episodes guest, Jeremy Morgan gives us an insider's perspective on the growth and development of major arts and heritage organizations.…

Economic Impact of Arts Organizations Funded by SK Arts

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As part of the SAA's ongoing efforts to advocate for increased funding to SK Arts, we undertook an investigation into the economic impact of the arts organisations funded by SK Arts, and have sent this report to Minister Ross. It is our hope…
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Arts Everywhere: Episode Fourteen

The "chill vibe" of Lo-Fi Bedroom Pop Get ready to be captivated by the intriguing and electrifying journey of Patrick Moonbird, as he takes us on a rollercoaster ride from his early musical beginnings to his current fascinating world of…

Amended SAA Bylaws

In February 2023, the SAA Board of Directors met to review and modernize the organization’s bylaws, which were last reviewed over 20 years ago. There are several amendments that were approved by the membership at the September 2023 AGM; they…

Is Your Public Art Gallery Serving Visual Artists and the Community?

The word “gallery” is a term from the 1600s and describes a church porch. Currently, a veranda, corridor, a raised platform as in a theatre, or a large space can all be a gallery. These meanings describe space, something that is immobile.…

Arts Everywhere: Episode Thirteen

Leadership, Dedication & Innovation Breanne Harmon is dedicated to a life in the arts, and her work has been rewarded with the prestigious recognition of the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal for work in the community. She'll…
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Introducing SAA’s 2023-24 Board of Directors

Introducing SAA’s 2023-24 Board of Directors Thanks to everyone who attended the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance’s AGM on September 27. Poet Laureate dee Hobsbawn-Smith presented memorable works as part of the artist Intervention following…

Arts Everywhere: Episode Twelve

The Dense Jungle of Bureaucracy Patrick Close is active as a practicing artist, and like many artists, devoted a great deal of his career to arts administration. He has been a key voice within many of Canada's arts organizations and has…
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Part Three: Solutions to Precarity in the Arts

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An Overview of the Increased Need for Education, Advocacy, and Sustainability for Independent Contractors in the Arts after the Pandemic.   Edith Skeard for the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance  Solutions to Precarity in the Arts – Advocacy…
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Arts Everywhere: Episode 11

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NBYXE: One Sleepless Night   Since 2014 Saskatoon residents and visitors have been “taking it to the street”,  in an arts treasure hunt throughout various communities in the city, under the cover of night. Em Ironstar is…

​Nuit Blanche: One Sleepless Night in Saskatoon

​Nuit Blanche is an annual nighttime arts festival that takes place in cities around the world; during Nuit Blanche festivals, museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions open their doors late at night for free, ​ and the city center…
And adult hand plays the piano beside a young toddler hand

Take action for music education in Saskatchewan!

Let your voice be heard by reaching out to your MLA, the Minister of Education and the leadership of the Saskatchewan School Board Association.   (function(n,e,w,m,o,d){m=n.createElement(e);m.async=1;m.src=w; o=n.getElementsByTagName(e)[0];o.parentNode.insertBefore(m,o); …
A laptop computer with a view of a Zoom meeting on the screen. There is a structure projected on a screen beyond the computer. There is a white and red polk a dot pitched with with tulips in it to the left of the computer and a white mug with a motivational phrase written on it in black sitting on the laptop.

Join Us! SAA AGM & Proposed Bylaw Amendments

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance (SAA) will be held online on September 27, 2023, from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm! If you have not yet registered, there are two ways to register for this event: by registering online or…
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Call For Nominations – 2023-24 – SAA Board of Directors

Are you passionate about the arts in Saskatchewan?  Do you believe in advocating for the arts and cultivating a province where the arts and artists are supported and valued as essential to a complete and healthy society? Are you interested…
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Part Two: Job Precariousness + Future Concern

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An Overview of the Increased Need for Education, Advocacy, and Sustainability for Independent Contractors in the Arts after the Pandemic.   Edith Skeard for the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance  Part Two – Job Precariousness + Future Concern In…
Sunset on the prairies - purpling sky, sun sinking into the horizon of a open prairie landscape. There a power lines in the distance

 A Village Artist

A Village Artist The setting sun backlights the prairie. A faint sound of a car passing on the highway is drowned out by the meadowlarks and robins. A puddle on the gravel road out front reflects the gently darkening blue sky. A hunting bird…
Red arts icons on a white background from a silouette of a dance, theatre masks, musical notes, pen and paintbrush, cameral, and a book

2023 Saskatchewan Arts Surveys

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2023 Saskatchewan Arts Surveys Calling all artists and art enthusiasts in Saskatchewan! We are thrilled to announce two surveys designed to capture the essence of the arts in our vibrant province. Whether you're an artist looking to share your…