Arts Everywhere: Episode Twenty-five

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Balancing Act – Part One

This is Part one or a two part episode entitled “Balancing Act.” Listen to part two here.

Erin Goodpipe, Amy Matysio, Kris Alvarez, and Johanna Bundon join host Em Ironstar for a deep dive into the balancing act that so many artists today find challenging.  Important initiatives are addressing this issue and Saskatchewan is no exception .  As one of our guests says: “Care is all we have. Who is taking care of the ambassadors of care?  Care for the artist? Care for the art?”

“There are signals everywhere that the performing arts sector is looking towards creating an economy of care. A care-led recovery is critical to ensuring a healthy emergence post-pandemic as we reimagine the definition of business as usual alongside other industries” (Balancing Act Canada)

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