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“How Hip-Hop Can Save the World” – Part 2: Mindfulness and Creativity

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This is the second of three articles in the series How Hip-Hop Can Save the World by Khodi Dill. This edition focuses on hip-hop’s potential to uplift mindfulness and creativity. It’s no secret that we are living amid constant distraction.…

Chalk and Cheese

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Chalk and Cheese by dee Hobsbawn-Smith This op-ed will be followed by a response written by Dave Margoshes. My husband Dave Margoshes and I are among the six million Canadians – seventeen percent of the population – who live rurally. Our…

Arts Everywhere: Episode Twenty-Seven

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"The Reel Whirled" with Sum Theatre's Mackenzie Dawson Mackenzie Dawson is the artistic director of Saskatoon's Sum Theatre. Mac had big shoes to fill when he took over from the companies original founder Joel Bernbaum, and fill them…
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The Future of Professional Dancers in Saskatchewan

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What does it truly mean to be a professional dancer in Saskatchewan? Is it about completing a professional training program or is it more about earning your livelihood through performances or choreographic endeavors or simply your passion for…
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Provincial and Territorial Cultural Indicators 2022

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At the beginning of June, The Daily, the media outlet for Statistics Canada, released its annual report for Provincial and Territorial Cultural indicators for 2022. This is similar to their quarterly report on national culture and sport indicators…

Arts Everywhere: Episode Twenty Five

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Balancing Act - Part Two Welcome back to Balancing Act! This conversation is the continuation of Episode 25 Erin Goodpipe, Amy Matysio, Kris Alvarez, Johanna Bundon and host Em Ironstar continue an open and honest discussion about finding…
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“How Hip-Hop Can Save the World” – Part 1: Equality

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This is the first of three articles in the series How Hip-Hop Can Save the World by Khodi Dill. This edition focuses on hip-hop’s potential to uplift equality. When many folks think about hip-hop, they think solely about rap music. Others…

Arts Everywhere: Episode Twenty-five

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Balancing Act - Part One This is Part one or a two part episode entitled “Balancing Act.” Listen to part two here. Erin Goodpipe, Amy Matysio, Kris Alvarez, and Johanna Bundon join host Em Ironstar for a deep dive into the balancing…
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Arts Everywhere: Episode Twenty-Four

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Words, Rhythm, and Social Change When the beat of hip-hop converge with the power of literature, transformation beckons.  Khodi  Dill, is an educator and author whose narrative speaks volumes about the role of the arts in societal change. For…

Our Summary: National Insights into Non-profit Organizations

National Insights into Non-profit Organizations, Canadian Survey on Business Conditions, 2023 In the first quarter of 2024, the Canadian Survey on Business Conditions dedicated a specific module to non-profit organizations, and generated a…
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Federal Budget 2024

Federal Budget 2024 On April 16, 2024, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland introduced the 2024 federal budget. Titled “Fairness for Every Generation,” Freeland’s fourth budget aims to invest in housing supply…
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Arts Everywhere: Episode Twenty-three

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The Art of Sound Have you ever paused to consider the symphony of sounds that paint the canvas of our daily lives? This episode invites sound artist Dominique Ferraton to share her  transition from the hustle of Montreal to Gravelbourg,…
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Arts Everywhere: Episode Twenty-two

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Exceeding your Endeavours When Roberta Cross steps into the room, you know that the conversation is about to take an enlightening turn. Her journey from the world of international diplomacy to reshaping the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance has…
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SAA on the Radio: Decreased Funding to the Arts

Check out our Executive Director, Em Ironstar, talk numbers on The Afternoon Edition. While the Saskatchewan Party says it's posted record numbers on its budget documents, that doesn't hold true for arts. Instead, that funding has dropped…
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Response Letter: Proposed Cuts to Canadian Heritage & Canada Council for the Arts

Open Letter to Ministers St-Onge, Freeland and Anand on the proposed cuts to Canadian Heritage and the Canada Council for the Arts The SAA was recently a contributor to and signatory of an Open Letter from the Canadian Arts Coalition regarding…
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2024-25 Provincial Budget: Classrooms, Care, & Communities

SAA's Response 2024-25 Provincial Budget: Classrooms, Care, & Communities On March 20, 2024, the Honourable Donna Harpauer, Minister of Finance, delivered the 2024–25 Provincial Budget: Classrooms, Care, & Communities. The provincial…
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Arts Everywhere: Episode Twenty-one

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Honouring the Past and Cultivating Inclusivity in the Arts with Floyd Favel Floyd Favel, is a culture worker from the Poundmaker Cree Nation, whose expertise in the arts is as profound as the heritage he carries. Floyd takes us on a journey…

SAA Online Resource

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Let‘s Celebrate Music Education! The Saskatchewan Arts Alliance has created this online advocacy resource on the benefits of music. We created it because we know that music education is vital to a well-rounded education, fostering creativity,…