CANADA COUNCIL – The Distinct Role of Artist-Run Centres in the Canadian Visual Arts Ecology


The overall goal of this study, conducted on behalf of the Canada Council for the Arts was to document the role and place of Artist-Run Centres (ARCs) in the larger ecology of the Visual Arts today.Within this overall context, the study sought to:

  1. Identify the distinct role of ARCs in the visual arts ecosystem;
  2. Summarize the distinct role within the context of: place of artists, artistic practices and public engagement;
  3. Incorporate the interpretation of ARCs as understood by the centres them- selves;
  4. Categorize Artist-Run Centre activity into 6-8 categories and identify outliers and any gaps or other issues;
  5. Examine the situation of multiple ARCs in one city;
  6. Review and present the data on ARC funding levels from Provincial, Municipal and other Federal funders.