Developing and Revitalizing Rural Communities Through Arts and Creativity

Creative City Network

"This paper provides an overview of English-language academic research literature and policy- related studies with respect to cultural development in rural communities. The paper is organized into four sections:

The nature of arts and cultural activity in rural communities, which discusses four key themes in the literature: (1) the nature of arts activity in rural communities;
(2) festivals as community-building practices; (3) touring activity; and (4) the role of information and computer technologies. Aboriginal/First Nations cultural practices are also noted.

The community context for the arts development and vitality, which considers:
(1) critical ingredients for building arts-active communities, (2) the potential for creative destruction, and (3) community reinvention using the arts.

The role of the arts in economic diversification and revitalization, which outlines (1) two informing conceptual frames: regional (or rural) development platforms, and an economic perspective on cultural resources, and (2) key themes and cautions regarding economic development roles for the arts in rural communities.

Governance strategies and initiatives, which outlines some of the reoccurring themes among policy efforts and recommendations to support and sustain rural cultural development."