SWEDEN – A Survey of Artists? Income from a Gender Perspective Economy, Work, and Family Life Marita Flisbäck


The aim of the report, Artists’ Income from a Gender Equality Perspective, is to shed light on the current economic gender balance in the arts by analysing the income, assets and transfers of female and male practitioners. This report is the second interim study undertaken by the Arts Grants Committee in its series of report on income among artists in Sweden.

The study is empirically based on register data from Statistics Sweden, drawn from the 2007 income year. This material shows the number of women and men working professionally in the arts, their total earnings from employment and self-employment, the composition of their earned income and how it is distributed according to level of education, plus their income from capital, property and transfers. By showing the average number of children that professionally active women and men in the arts have, the report also examines the relationship between self-support, work and family life.