MB – Creative Manitoba: An Economic Development Strategy for the Cultural Sector


“The Creative Manitoba Strategy is the culmination of a community-based process that examined and identified the necessary elements for the growth and sustainability of the cultural sector in Manitoba. The strategy includes nine sub-strategies that have a series of associated recommendations and actions. Successful implementation of the Creative Manitoba Strategy will establish the cultural sector as a growth industry, and position the province of Manitoba as a leader in cultural creation and the distribution of cultural product to world markets.

When we compare 1991 to 1996 labour force statistics, the cultural sector is a growth sector in most provinces in Canada. In Manitoba, however, those statistics show zero growth (see p. 17 for chart). It was this rather alarming statistic that persuaded the Manitoba government to ask the Arts and Cultural Industries Development Team (ACI Team) to develop a labour force development strategy for the cultural sector in Manitoba. The ACI Team accepted, but wanted to ensure that the strategy would provide for the stability and sustainability of the sector as well as an increase in the labour force. It was this intention that led to the development of the more broadly based economic development strategy.

As a result, the Creative Manitoba Strategy includes recommendations regarding marketing, collaboration, technological development, inclusion and infrastructure in addition to the more traditional labour force development components of attraction, education and retention.”