USA WAGE- Certification Initiative


“On January 13/14 2014, a group convened at Cage, NY to establish the policy for W.A.G.E. Certification. Over two days, A.K. Burns, Howie Chen, Andrea Fraser, Alison Gerber, Megan Golden, Stephanie Luce, Andrew Ross, Marina Vishmidt, W.A.G.E. and Artists Space staff – representing the institutional side which functioned as a test case – thought through, negotiated, and arrived at a fee schedule and revised set of principles that now constitute W.A.G.E. Certification.

…the initial discussion document will be rewritten into a policy statement that reflects the Summit findings. Once made available on this site and presented publicly in New York (and beyond), W.A.G.E. will begin Certifying nonprofit organizations nationally, and on a voluntary basis.”