SK – Moving Saskatchewan’s Creative Industries Forward Consultation

Moving Saskatchewan’s Creative Industries Forward Consultation

Prepared for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport December 4, 2012

Saskatchewan’s “creative industries” refers to “the business and people involved in the production, distribution and marketing of cultural goods and services that have aesthetic, intellectual, and emotional appeal to the consumer and value in the marketplace.”1 These industries include such diverse fields as music and sound recording, film, television, interactive digital media, visual arts, crafts, writing, book publishing and the live performing arts. Collectively, these creative endeavors account for a major, yet still underdeveloped, amount of economic activity and employment in Saskatchewan. Yet more importantly – at least in the eyes of those who work in these industries every day – Saskatchewan’s creative industries contribute significantly to the province’s quality of life.

Although the purpose of this consultation has been to find ways to help the creative industries achieve greater commercialization and economic growth, the social dividend provided to the people of Saskatchewan and beyond by the province’s creative industries is regarded as equally, if not more important than the economic activity generated by these creative pursuits.