CACSA – Canadian Artists Code – Canadian Advisory Committee on the Status of the Artist


The Canadian Advisory Committee on the Status of the Artist (CACSA) was established by the Minister of Communications, the Honourable Flora MacDonald, in January 1987 to provide advice to the government regarding the measures proposed to promote and strengthen the position of professional artists. The establishment of this Committee was one of the recommendations of the Task Force Report on the Status of the Artist.

During the past year, the Committee has met with many senior officials of various government departments and has examined many issues of concern to the arts community, including taxation issues, collective bargaining rights, copyright and social benefits. The artistic community has made representations concerning these issues for many years. CACSA has come to the conclusion that, in addition to specific action on some pressing matters, special legislation is the best and only route to achieve real improvements in the socio-economic status of Canada’s artists.

The Committee has therefore focused its recent efforts on the development of proposed legislative measures pertaining to the status of the artist. This document is the result of the Committee’s efforts. CACSA believes that this initiative constitutes an important step in the process leading to legislative recognition of the professional status of the artist.

It is hoped that this document which will inevitably generate wide discussion in the arts community, among the public and in Canadian political circles will rally the support of the large majority of artists around essential needs which have been expressed for many years.