New Brunswick – Status of the Artist Report


“The Report highlights 24 recommendations, which address the improvement of the socio-economic status of professional artists.

The Report is divided in four parts:

  1. Understanding Creative Work
  2. Artists living in Economic Insecurity
  3. A Legal Framework
  4. Increasing the Median Income and Access to Social Benefits for Artists

The following items would ensure provisions specific to New Brunswick Professional Artists and the recognition of their profession:

  • Definition of professional artist
  • Recognition of professional artists in New Brunswick
  • Individual negotiations rights for professional artists

In summary, the report addresses the socieconomic status of professional artists in New Brunswick, and introduces the creation of legislation:

Providing a general framework to affirm recognition and fair compensation for professional artists, and; Establishing broad terms for artists’ negotiation.

The Task Force is confident that the report and its recommendations will help achieve an increased median revenue and a greater access to social benefits.”