EUROPE -Unconditional Basic Income Europe


Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE) is an international network of activists and initiatives. We advocate for the implementation of Basic Income in Europe and its recognition as a Universal Human Right.

UBIE was born out of the European Citizens’ Initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income in 2013/14, which gathered the support of over 300,000 EU citizens. Today, we connect over 400 active members from more than 30 countries across the continent.

We organise regular meetings in cities all over Europe, develop projects and campaigns to promote basic income, and raise public awareness as well as support among decision makers at European and national level. As a result of our efforts, basic income is now on the agenda in the policy debates of many European countries.

UBIE has been officially registered as an International Non-Profit Association (AISBL – Association internationale sans but lucratif ) in Brussels since July 2015.