AUSTRALIA – NAVA Code of Practice for Visual Arts, Craft and Design


National Association for the Visual Arts – Australia 2022

“The Code of Practice for Visual Arts, Craft and Design sets out equitable, ethical and self-reflective standards for the professional Australian contemporary arts sector.

The Code covers good practice approaches to working relationships, ethical standards of access and inclusion, and payment rates for artists and arts workers.

The visual arts, craft and design sector is dynamic, diverse and multifaceted, but its lack of regulation and legislation, combined with increasingly precarious conditions makes work and practice unsustainable for many.

The Code serves as a map for ensuring a collaborative, equitable, creative, and inclusive sector for current and future participants. It also doubles as an advocacy tool to support the basis of policy and legislative change for the long-term benefit of the sector.

Some of the good practices in the Code are aspirational ethical standards that the sector has collectively agreed we should work towards. Like many arts organisations NAVA is also working towards good practice in our own strategies, budgets, policies and procedures.”