Study Finds Artists Become Famous through Their Friends, Not the Originality of Their Work

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Study Finds Artists Become Famous through Their Friends, Not the Originality of Their Work "While past studies have suggested that there is a link between creativity and fame, Ingram and Banerjee found, in contrast, that there was no such correlation…

Willem de Kooning on How to Be an Artist

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"Over the course of de Kooning’s seven-decade career, he gave numerous lectures and interviews that revealed the inspirations behind his shape-shifting, explosive compositions. Below, we highlight several lessons for artists that can be…

Carol Bove’s Self-Help Guide for Artists

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' Bove writes that “creating a nonpurposive, free space in which to play and have fun is essential.” Here, the Brooklyn-based artist gives her best advice for finding happiness (rather than “succeeding”) as an ar…

John Prine

John Prine Interview about Creativity with inCommon & Mike Leonard

Kathleen Edwards on Creative Process

Canadian singer songwriter on the creative process and the SAS Survival Handbook.

Joan Mitchell on How to Be an Artist

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"Abstract expressionist painter Joan Mitchel always spoke her mind, no matter the scenario. “They call me sauvage [“wild”] in Europe, ’cause I’m direct and I say what I think,” she told director Marion Cajori…

Agnes Martin on How to Be an Artist

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"Martin, who was born in Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1912, went on to become one of the most pioneering and beloved artists of the 20th century. While she lived and worked in New York City at the beginning of her career, in the 1950s and ’60s,…

Wayne Thiebaud

‘I knew this was not a good career choice,’ says artist Wayne Thiebaud, interviewed in his sunny California studio. ‘Most of the painters I knew were just barely able to survive and had other jobs. But I don’t believe…

Chuck Close – Note to Self

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American artist and photographer Chuck Close CBS installment of "Note to Self," famed portrait artist Chuck Close writes a letter to himself at age 14, offering himself advice on how to overcome his learning disabilities and his problem with…