Artists Health Alliance – Toronto


Founded in 1997, AHA continues to be the only organization in Ontario whose mission is to promote the health and wellbeing of all professional and emerging performing and creative artists. We are dedicated to the health of the arts community and, with our new name and a new logo, we hope to communicate even more directly to artists and the people who support the arts.

The Artists’ Health Alliance is a one of a kind organization. We are about partnership between the artistic and medical community for healing, strengthening and empowering the creative community. We are accomplishing this through the work of the excellent clinicians at the Artists’ Health Centre, through the work of volunteer committees and the educational and outreach initiatives of the Alliance.

AHA has been the bridge connecting artists to the Artists’ Health Centre since it’s doors opened at Toronto Western Hospital in 2002. We continue to work in close partnership with the AHC to this day and will soon celebrate 10 years of integrative healthcare for artists.

Just as sports medicine treats athletes, the Artists’ Health Centre provides specialized treatment to nurture and protect our artists, and support them to keep creating art. We are the Alliance of artists, donors, and cultural advocates who connect artists to the holistic and specialized treatment at the Artists’ Health Centre, and to education and prevention programs.